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Image of one of our taxis

We also offer personalized pedi cab tours - no gasoline required

The Chariot Project, serving mobility immediacy
(formerly named "TAXI CAMP")

Same people, same mission, same camp ethos, different name.

WHAT WE DO: Self service mobility chariots

Rather than art tours on our pedi cabs (which we also offer), injured burners can send a mate to our camp to check these chariots out by the day. These serve immediacy, so campmates can still join in on weddings, bar hops, and events with their friends without relying on any cab driver's schedule.

When a person on playa hurts themselves, or runs out of steam due to age or illness, they come to our camp to pick out a chariot for the day. We bolt it on their bike and send them on their way to take their mate on a tour. Chariots are due back every morning.

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Playa Mobility Services

Huge thanks to Mobility Camp and Playa Bike Repair, for the support, guidance and dedication

Our Projects

Building the Rainbow Fleet

Check out our past fundraising and plans to build a chariot in every color of the rainbow. We DID IT! With your help and some generous donors like Water-Taxi, Black Rock Satellite Retrieval and Towing, and people like you, we have enough for 2019!

Check Out Our Fleet

Our Stories
Digital Rose

Stories from the front lines

Taxi Cab Confessions

From builds to budgets to on playa debacuhery. Our stories from the front lines take you inside what it's like to drive a taxi on playa and what it takes to make this all happen.

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