Our most popular request

Why are these so popular? Really when I started this service, I added a chariot to my fleet just for when I was already booked and someone could take it for a day. I had no idea that these would become our most popular request in camp.

Rather than art tours on our pedi cabs, injured burners can send a mate to our camp to check these chariots out by the day. These serve immediacy, so campmates can still join in on weddings, bar hops, and events with their friends without relying on any cab drivers schedule.

image of all of the burners we have helped

And just in case you were wondering, we do not charge for our services - there is no money on playa and you cannot prepay us for a darn thang.

Our chariots ah fire

immediacy via pedal power

If you want to build one for your own mate here are our instructions.

“Pretty please send me your pictures of the chariots in use, I never get to see them out in the wild”Goldie