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My Desert Shelter

Camping Details

Goldies Ponies has been around for a few years, offering pedi cab rides for alternatively-abled burners. I’ve met a lot of other pedi cab drivers out there also gifting rides, so Taxi Camp was formed to offer a meeting spot and dispatch location.
In 2018 we had 5 pedi cabs, a few dispatch volunteers and 2 trailer chariots. We are building a whole new fleet of trailer chariots as they are very popular. Our camp is capped at about 10 people. Priority spots are given to core members that bring their own pedi cabs. After that we do take dispatchers and other helpers.

Taxi Camp is a pedi cab theme camp and shade lounge for taxi drivers. We offer rides to all burners, but injured and disabled get priority dispatch.
All campers at Taxi Camp are passionate about bikes, gifting rides and helping the community with transportation.
Campers can contribute in many ways. Most of which being:
a. Bring your own pedi cab, side car or golf cart taxi (DMV approved)
b. Volunteer running dispatch, hours are Mon-Sat 10am – 4pm, at least two shifts
c. Build a bike trailer for the rental stable, see instructions here. These trailers are checked out by day to other camps needing their own injured campmate transport.
d. All campers must contribute to set up or tear down as needed.

2018 Placement TBD


Taxi Camp builds starting Saturday (pre-gate) and continues into Sunday. And we are open for business Monday morning. We are open through Man burn, and begin tear down the Sunday morning of Temple Burn.
All shade, rental stable, bike racks, intake desks, signage and pedi cabs should be put together and functioning by Sunday evening of gate open, and torn down/mooped by Sunday of temple burn.

How much?
Goldie herself covers most of the expenses of camp infrastructure, co-captains help too. Dues are low - this reimburses a small portion of infrastructure, storage fees and grey water.

Camp culture and set up?
We are small camp, of about 10 people.
Day services camps are generally very quiet at night, we sleep at night.
Drinking and smoking cigs happens here.
Goldie is "smokes alot lady" - seriously, cigs are smoked in camp - we are about 90% smokers.
No meals are provided, everyone is on their own for food, cleaning, cooking and ice.
We will have a public lounge and dispatch area (20x24) as well as a private shade for camp needs/chill space.
Grey water drums provided until Sunday.
Clean cooler water should be sprinkled around as needed. No evap pools.
Age limit 21+

Email: goldie at

Find us on Facebook: fb group/taxi camp