Our chariots were more popular than our pedi cab tours.

We only have two chariots, they were out every day. I'd come out to open front of house every morning to find people nervously shuffling in the dust, waiting for available chariots. Those lil buggies are popular!

Injured, Sickly Forlorn?

Total rides: 54
Total chariot checkouts: 12

Art Access for All

Our report is a summary of our week, a sampling of a few of the stories and things we do at here CHARIOT PROJECT

Picture of a guy jumping onto a trampoline Never a shortage of clients
CHARIOT PROJECT began out of Mobility Camp in 2015, with a little sign up board, a pedi cab and one bike chariot. It was a success, and I was busy . I’d come to my sign up board every morning to be met with messages taped all over it with people needing rides.

So CHARIOT PROJECT was formed. Our first placed year was met with a lot of love and a lot of challenges. Our crew came from all over the globe, from Toronto to New Zealand. They all showed up with pedi cabs ready to work with art access on playa - half of them virgins who worked..every..single...day.

Picture of PBR Mechanic Our rad PBR mechanic and friend Rawb

Set up went smoothly, we had just enough space for all of our pedi cabs and tents. I built the desks and bike racks myself. Playa Bike Repair, our partners, fork lifted all of our gear and dropped it at camp. Brilliant! Great guys and are so supportive of CHARIOT PROJECT - they repair our rigs for us.

We set up the bike trailer chariots and shade and were open for business on time. Let’s do this.

Our first few days we got a lot of baggage drop requests from the burner bus. Not thrilled about that, but the people dragging their duffle bags all the way from J to B sure appreciated it. The bar arrived Monday, and it was immediately a problem. I’d come back from working a ride to find pantless high people running from the rangers and hiding in our camp. Nope Nope Nope.

Picture of Baggage drops on a surrey Bus baggage drops

I took all the Taxi Drivers to introduce them to Mobility Camp and on our way back I gave a ride to someone and got caught in a dust storm. I was white as a ghost when I came back and my volunteers shoved a bag of ice on me and let me rest. Having help is great, I used to do this all by myself. Baukknob from placement had written a note on our bar, it lifted me up when I got back to camp.

On Wednesday one of our surreys took a family with a 9 week old baby to temple and were gifted vegan ice cream for the fare. Yum. Thursday we had a request on the other side of the playa so we sent a surrey over only to discover they took off on us, but their camp mate offered them five dollars. So offensive. We do not charge for this.

Picture in front of mobility camp Much love for mobility camp

Someone collapsed while walking in front of our camp, yep got rangers again. We are not medical or drunk taxi services.

We worked on art tours and temple that day. At night we went to visit “Oh no you didn’t” and we were having quite the night off. Oh boy did we have a night. Thanks for the drinks.

Bill took some guys from Houston for a pick up and drop off to Mobility Camps art car tour, where disabled get priority seating. Yes we love creating a link to their art tours.

Picture of chariot bike trailer Our chariots of fire

Friday I took someone on the 10am artery bike tour and we played with the lasso a friend brought me. My co captain and I got to take a few hours off in the afternoon and left our virgins to man dispatch. Someone had dumped a yellow bike in our bike racks and my virgins attached a trailer to it for someone with a broken ankle...never do that! Drama ensued, but it’s not the right time to talk about it yet.

Yes, my crew made a mistake, it happened, let’s move on. I don’t want to spend my time filling out ranger reports when our stuf f gets broken and ripped apart.

Saturday a guy on crutches came to us without shoes on - he had stepped off a shipping container the night before. So I cleaned up his feet, got him some socks to wear and he needed to get to Playa Info for a rideshare request.

I took him there but he was in a lot of pain so I swung by Rampart for him. We are not medical, but if someone needs us, we are there for you. Medical took care of him from there and promised to get him back to his camp.

Afterwards I swung by Mobility Camp to say goodbye and check in with them. Love those guys, they work hard all week. And for the finale, lots of airport runs end of week by Iron Mike and Sameer.

Picture of Mike's surrey heading out for a ride We call him Iron Mike, this driver always said yes

My first placed year learning points...

  • I don’t like conflict, but I learned to be a better bouncer
  • If you see a yellow bike in front of your camp, get it out of there immediately!
  • Because we are an injured burner services camp, we do get a lot of drama, I don’t know how to solve that. My skills are improving on dealing with that though.
  • Our trailer chariots are more popular than our pedi cabs and we’d like to build a whole fleet of those. There were people waiting for trailers every morning when we opened.
  • We got flaked on a lot. When you flake on us, you take a ride away from another disabled person
  • Our radios only reached to center camp from dispatch at 9:00 plaza, trying to get better range
  • Thanks Tokyo for the comms advice! And to my co-captain who got his HAMM license for this
  • Thanks to Clint and his RV repair crew who came up and fixed my tank for free pre-burn. Amaze.
  • Thanks to Jerry Loren and Rob at PBR for all the support
  • I need to find out what the rules are for medical transport, if anyone knows a contact send em my way
  • We will NEVER have a bar again, no alcohol in front of house
  • I printed 150 “business” cards for referring people on crutches to our services. We were out of cards by Friday morning.

    Picture CHARIOT PROJECT frontage and volunteers

    We love what we do - we will continue to try to dial this service in.
    Thank you Mobility Camp, Rangers, EMS and Playa Bike Repair
    Thank you to my volunteers that worked every ... single... day: Bill, Mike, Goat, Mark, Sameer, Squirrel and Megs
    Art access to all.

    2015 Burn Report