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Every year, we gather a few stories and post a burn report. With the days of facebook closed groups and all, it's easy to let that all fall off a real blog list. So here's my favs.

The Art Car a Braketh

July, 2014/Building/by Goldie/5 min. read

In 2014, I made an art car out of a wheel chair chassis. It was really fun to build, even more fun for my downstairs neighbors as I was living in a third floor walk up in San Francisco. Upon set up on playa, one of the motors on the chair ...

Picture of goldie riding the pedi cab in golden gate park

I am not a carpenter

June, 2017/Just try/by Goldie/10 min. read

No theme camp to join, oh sure, just whip one up and get that going. Tales of a first year TCO.