Taxi Cab Confessions

The art car a breaketh

“I'm spinnin, I'm spinnin”

You've seen them at all the maker faires, you know, that lounge chair someone bolted to a wheelchair chassis. Well they always looked kind of fun and I figured, hey, how are is that to make into a ride on art car for the burn.

So I set out to find a used wheelchair, new batteries and an old water drum to start with.

My friends and I would get drunk and ride it around my living room in San Francisco. Best neighbor ever....

It felt like that flying guy in Dune.

So I learned to solder, wire to a housing, LED's, sewing faux fur to make the body and testing it riding around near AT&T park was a hoot. I made a custom costume, a baby "zork" to put in its butt, and learned to lasso. My interactivity with this particular piece was to ride around the playa, and teach people to lasso using Zork's baby.

So we loaded up for the burn and off we go.

I spent the better part of my burn setting this thing up, only to have one motor go out, and it spun in circles. I'm spinnin!

Well, it just so happens I bought a stamp from a guy at mobility camp that said "Dont feed the sparkle ponies". So I stopped by to see if they had anyone there for wheelchair repair. They didn't, but I got to know all the great people at Mobility Camp.

I realized, that even though my chair had been for fun, there were people out on the playa who completely relied on their chairs. And so a seed was planted. One that would eventually grow into Goldies Ponies and CHARIOT PROJECT.

My Desert Shelter
My Desert Shelter
My Desert Shelter
My Desert Shelter
My Desert Shelter