What is Chariot Project

A library of pull behind adult sized bike trailers with seats, pedal your person! We serve all forms of mobility. Go ahead, climb that art, and come see us after.

We build em, you pedal em.

Supply Wishlist | Build Your Own (PDF)

chariots line up picture


A library of carts, due back at 10am daily.


Ortho boots for your feets


And canes and stuffs, free selve serve station.



Chariot Project Theme Camp

Our campmates come from all over the world. Reno to Austrailia to India. We started out as pedi cab owners and found the chariots were much more enjoyable for day use out there. So now we bring out the chariots for your use by day.

CHARIOT PROJECT is a self service mobility chariot theme camp. We build and check in and out bicycle chariots that attach to any bikes rear axle (not community yellow bikes - get those out of our camp). Injured burners send a mate to us, we help them attach and fill out their checkout forms. Off they go and we drink beer. That easy.

All campers at CHARIOT PROJECT are passionate about bikes, gifting and helping injured and alt-abled community with art access. Campers can contribute in many ways such as working our checkout desks, bringing your own pedi cab and offering tours, set up, tear down.


Space is extremly limited, we do have more tenters than RVs.


2022 - Center Camp next to Playa Info


Dues are low - this reimburses a small portion of infrastructure, storage fees and grey water - average $80/pp USD.


Life pre, during and post playa.

Contact Us

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What they say.

When my campmates arrived the morning after my fall with these wheels, I felt the grace of godly touch plopping me down in a mobile carrier to at least let me explore a bit more beyond the confines of our powerhouse recycle camp. I remember them wheeling it up to me like it was yesterday. While broken, truly blessed.

Let me tell you about Goldie, and what she does not because she has to, but because she wants too…when I talk about what makes the Burn so special…yes, 600 drones in the sky at night are cool…but a hug from a woman who just delivered you through the heat and dust to the Temple is more special.

I was able to check out a chariot for my mother who had balance issues on her bike, she got to spend the day ooing and awing at all the art while she sippied champagne. We would not have been able to see all this art without the chariot.